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Stabilisateur grip pour caméra / caméscopes vidéo, Poignée main stabilisable, support de stabilisation, monopied, vis / filetage 1/4"

Stabilisateur grip pour caméra / caméscopes vidéo, Poignée main stabilisable, support de stabilisation, monopied, vis / filetage 1/4
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Thanks to stable camera control, you can shoot clips and videos like a professional - with our stabilizing videocamera handle!

You are a moving, active person and like to keep your experiences with your video camera? - Our camera / camcorder stabilizer allows you to capture your adventures smoothly.

✔ Effective stabilizer: minimizes wobbling and jerking
✔ Supports balancing and still holding of the camera
✔ Convenient anti-slip grip for safe and flexible camera operation
✔ Provides easy fall and shock protection
✔ Thanks to 1/4" screw compatible with all common cameras
✔ Thanks to 1/4" thread you can mount your camera on a tripod without removing the grip beforehands

The grip helps you balancing the camera and reduces the movements of your hand that would otherwise reach the camera "unfiltered", causing shakes and blurring - especially when it gets faster.

Not convinced yet? - Then try it out!

★ 3 years warranty ★
As an international specialist since 2004 we know what is important for high-quality products. That is why we give you a 36 month guarantee!

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